Golden baby

Dear readers, 

As I pose for my picture, the sun heats up my face. A burning yet comforting feeling rushes through my skin and I cannot help myself. 

Overwhelmed with joy, I am excited to say; summer is around the corner! 

With the sun heating up the surface of the east coast, my clothing choices takes a slight turn. Less is more. 

Is it odd that an obsessed with loose jeans and skin tight top? 

I think not! I’ve been rocking this look since late November. ( bodysuit: pacsun, jeans: gap, shoes: Macy’s )

Since less is more, I’ve taken a break from my daring fashions… but, I think it is time to return dramatic wardrobe. πŸ˜‰ 

Stay tune πŸ€“


Typicalstevie πŸ’‹

Typical Stevie takes a swim

Hello lovely readers,

My vacation has unfortunately come to an end. While I am post depression reminiscing on para- para- paradise, reality has hit me like a truck!

Here’s some pictures of me in my wonder women swimsuit, purchased at American Apparel.


typicalstevie πŸ’‹

Get up and go | travel edition

IMG_1131.JPGHello GALS,

Some times you just have to get up and go…

With carnival around the corner, I decided a trip to Dominica is a must!

Yesterday, my journey kicked off in JFK airport to Barbados airport, finally reaching in my home land Dominica.

Liked promised, I am documenting my journey in Dominica filled with fun fashion, festivals, yummy food and most importantly exploring the island of Dominica.

Here’s a picture of my outfit while I was waiting for my flight aha


typicalstevie πŸ’‹

Sit back, let’s relax

img_1111Hello lovely readers,

How was your day? Did you “live it up”? or likd myself, did you “die it down”?

Always, I just wanted to check up on ya. I hope you had a positive and productive day. If not, may the last remaining hour odds be in your favor.


typicalstevie πŸ’‹

P.s look forward to a night skin routine Β (vacation edition)