Dear Summer 2017

Dear summer 2017,

grow me.

I was once a strong rose.

Winter was rough.

I have weaken.

Grow me.

I was once a strong rose.

Insecurities took over my mind.

I have weaken

As the sun shines brighter so does my mental.

I have strengthen.

As the waves softens.

My heart opens.

Summer 2017,

grow me.

Let the rain water me.

Let the rain wash away my sins.

Let the sun give me a chance to grow.

Let the soil from the father’s earth build me.

For I was a strong rose.

For I have become weak.

For my strength to rise.

Dear Summer 2017,

I am a strong rose.


Tropical Storm Erika Vs. Dominica 

Although natural disasters will happen, we never expect it to happen to us. August 27, 2015 was a day that change many lives in Dominica. Tropical storm Erika triggered rivers and streams that was not even three inches high above the ground and turned them into powerful, rapid and overflowing waves filled of mud and rain water. The rivers were so strong it broke down highway bridges, roads and caused land slides.
 Not only did it stop transportation- the storm carried away house, cars, boats, and people. So far twenty people have been pronounced dead, fifty are missing and hundreds are left homeless. Although many other islands are helping by donating water, food, clothing and etc. Prime minister Roosevelt Skerrit says storm Erika has set back the country twenty years of development. The day after the storm, despite the tragedy, people all over Dominica has put on their rain boots, gloves and most of all set aside their pride to helped clean up their island.

 For more information or if you would like to donate you can visit: