Last I checked

IMG_1550.JPGMy mind is fresh.

My writing is free.

My mind is cluttered.

My writing is not neat.

Do not and I repeat, do not not attack me.

For my blog is my safe place.

My emotions run high and low.

My emotions spins and twirls.

Remember,  I won’t tell a soul. Instead,  I use my blog as a living breathing journal.

General but never too personal.

Last I checked, a blog does not have to be politically correct.

I write. Freely.

Not correctly.

I feed my soul with understandment.

I can never look down on someone.

For my mind have been trapped in earth darkness hole.

Yet, here I am today.

Standing proud. Shameless.

Humble. Remembering everything I still must do.

I am not a “Miss. Know it all” because I do not know it all.

There is always room for improvement and I am eager to learn.

There is a reason why I write the way I do.

There is a reason my emotions are up and down.

There is a reason why I look over my shoulder repeatedly even when I am home.

There is a reason, I am scared to fall asleep because my dreams wakes me up screaming in my middle of the night.

If only you knew…

I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I have my reasons..

Do not question it.

Understand it.

Last I checked, is a NO JUDGEMENT BLOG.

I will not judge/ look down on you.

Do not judge/ look down on me.





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