Goodnight world

IMG_1809.JPGDear readers,

Tonight’s blog post is short and sweet.

I just wanted to wish you a goodnight. May you rest your head on your pillow, close your eyes to endless happy endings and let positive thoughts cloud your metal. I love you all. Sweet dreams.


TypicalStevie 💋

P.s have you listen to Sza new album???? It’s called “Ctrl” and I am obsessed. I fell in love with her ever since she created a genius version on the song ” Come and see me” by  Partynextdoor. Her version is called “twoAM” Sza literally speaks/ sings the words I let cloud up my mental 24/7. All day, everyday. Her music makes me want to stand up for myself, reminding myself I deserve better but also reminds me of those times I didn’t stand up for myself. It reminds me of the time I let  stupid boy’s walk over me, not treat me the way I am supposed to be treated. (Like a queen of course) Most importantly, her music reminds me to use those feelings of being unappreciated, turning them into lessons that a soul will never cross. THANK YOU SZA.

Let’s be honest, we have all been in a  position we are not totally comfortable with yet, we still let it continue because we like the feeling… guilt pleasure. AH! Anyways, PLEASE listen to her music because she speeches.

Goodnight loves 💋💋💋❤️


Last I checked

IMG_1550.JPGMy mind is fresh.

My writing is free.

My mind is cluttered.

My writing is not neat.

Do not and I repeat, do not not attack me.

For my blog is my safe place.

My emotions run high and low.

My emotions spins and twirls.

Remember,  I won’t tell a soul. Instead,  I use my blog as a living breathing journal.

General but never too personal.

Last I checked, a blog does not have to be politically correct.

I write. Freely.

Not correctly.

I feed my soul with understandment.

I can never look down on someone.

For my mind have been trapped in earth darkness hole.

Yet, here I am today.

Standing proud. Shameless.

Humble. Remembering everything I still must do.

I am not a “Miss. Know it all” because I do not know it all.

There is always room for improvement and I am eager to learn.

There is a reason why I write the way I do.

There is a reason my emotions are up and down.

There is a reason why I look over my shoulder repeatedly even when I am home.

There is a reason, I am scared to fall asleep because my dreams wakes me up screaming in my middle of the night.

If only you knew…

I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

I have my reasons..

Do not question it.

Understand it.

Last I checked, is a NO JUDGEMENT BLOG.

I will not judge/ look down on you.

Do not judge/ look down on me.