Short and sweet (2015 skin routine vs. 2017)

IMG_0832.JPGHello lovely readers,

Reading some of my old blog posts I came across my 2015 skin routine.

It is comical how many products I used to use. In 2015 mosquitoes eat me up alive. My skin was covered in marks from my nails itching/ bruising  where the mosquitos use to bite me.

I took action into my own hands and changed my lifestyle dramatically. I cut out soda and juice drinking strictly water and lemon. ( this was really hard because I LOVED COKE COLA) but, I loved my skin more!

Fast forwarding to 2017 my skin is close to being flawless.

While in Dominica in 2015 I was introduced to a lot of natural products, Being super impatient I turned to man made skin care thinking it would work faster, not realizing natural products are the key to success.

In 2016, I completely cut out high end skincare products. I turned to coconut oil and charcoal African black soaps. Looking around I was not alone. The great awkwaking of coconut oil reached its peak and people all over the world grew to this obsessed like myself. This was  beneficial because natural products became available in every local store that I stepped foot in.

Fast forwarding to 2017, my skin care routine includes drinking four through nine bottles of water every day.

Tip: If you don’t like water ADD lemon. TRUST ME! You’ll drink a bottle in seconds craving another. Lemon also has a lot of  benefits such as weight-loss, energy and prevention of certain cancers. Google it if you don’t believe me.

As for my skin,  I exfoliate everyday with natural exfoliating soaps and scrubs. Instead of using a wash cloth, I use a  Exfoliating bath gloves.

Getting out of the shower I use three products and three products only!

• Vaseline

• Coconut oil

• Bio Oil ( if my skin is extra dry)

I usually combine them all together. During so, in the morning my skin is still glowy but mostly importantly soft.

Everyday I notice small improvements within my skin.

I also take natural vitamins such as vitamin C, D, B and E from deans to boost  up the process to get flawless skin.

From having scar from my head to toes, to only having small blemish marks that are hardly noticeable my skin routine as done me well!

Remember: my skin journey will not be the same for you. You must try different things products to figure out what works best for you. Most importantly DRINK WATER! Water helps clears skin and is super healthy.

I hope I helped.


typicalstevie 💋


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