I like it. I like it a lot (Part 1)

Dear readers,

Today’s blog post is about you.

Kindly, I ask, may you read my questions & answer the following in your head. If you feel the need to share, do so!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Do you have one?

Do you have many?

Have you told a soul?

Are you ashamed to talk about it openly?

How does it make you feel?

Does it excited you?

Does it thrill you?

Do you feel power?

Do you feel weak?

Most importantly, do you feel comfort from the guilt of your pleasure?

Does the aftermath effect you?

Do you end up in a deep thought?

Or, do you brush it off by distracting yourself enough, from feeling guilty?

Now that you have read my questions, it is time to reflect.

While reflecting, let’s think deeper…

Why does the rush of being bad thrill is us so much?

Why do we brush off the guilt?

Why are we not afraid of the consequences?

I allow you to take some time. Take seconds, take minutes, take hours and take a few days if needed.

In the meantime, let me soothe your mind…

We all have skeletons in our closet. No! That is not an excuse, but, you must not feel shame. Instead, OWN IT. We are all afraid, deep down of something. ( It is time to be honest, let your guard down while reading) OWN IT. We all do things we know shouldn’t. Yet we do anyway. ( I am not judging) OWN IT.

Own your guilt. Own your flaws. Own your mistakes.

Owning your imperfections is what gives you and ONLY you the power to your life and self esteem. Deal with your guilt, accept your flaws, recognize your mistakes and focus on how to improve yourself. Only YOU can do it.

I, typicalstevie, will return with part 2. I will give you enough time to honestly think. Think big, think deep, think for yourself.

Until we meet again.


typicalstevie 💋




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