My soul is like an ocean
so deep and full of mysteries
You can’t love me, for you will die trying.
Curiosity will lead you nowhere, cause once you’re in deep, you could never escape.
I can be so smooth, so calming.
So.. perfect.
However, when you least expect it, I already have you caught.
Caught in the violent ripes, leaving you breathless.
I can be a fish, I can be a shark.
I can be the mermaid, who will light up a spark.
Give me your heart
And then you’ll see, I’m an ocean
But so poisonous. – Alexis Peregrino

Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce my closest and most dearest friend; Alexis Peregrino is in the process of creating a blog of his own.

As a child Alexis knew he was different from the rest of his school mates, mentality, he prepared him self for the worst yet always looked forward to the best.

Alexis expresses his pain, strength, and self realization through his poetry.

I assure you (the reader) will love Alexis as much as I do from reading his blog post. As soon as his website is up and running I will repost it on my blog. Let’s show Alexis some love ❤️


typicalstevie 💋


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