Life update: it is time to confess

img_1054Dear readers,

I am ashamed to say- but I must confess. I have been living my life in secret. I deemed the light on my personal success Due to ” actions speaks louder than words”, not realizing, my words turned into action, and my actions turned into achievements. I am proud to say…

Yes. I am moving states to further my education.

Yes. I started modeling.

Yes. I am still obsessed with food (some things never change aha)

Yes. I am a senior in high school who has completed my high school career, six months ahead of an average twelve grade student. (Yet, people assume I dropped out of school. No. I am DONE. There’s a difference aha)

Yes. I am happy to announce I will be vlogging (recording) my everyday life filled with unplanned activities leading to adventures. Rapid changes due my bad habit of indecisiveness, and “on the go” movements. I will feature myself walking in fashion shows, shopping, traveling, my senior year, upcoming move, most importantly exploring different culture foods all over the world and meeting new people . .  Vlogging will also give you (the reader) a chance to connect with me, and get to know me more. My ultimate goal build a relationship with future viewers and to help them understand… life does get better and never give up on yourself.

I will be publishing my vlogs on and most likely YouTube.


typicalstevie 💋


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