typical Stevie is back 

       Making a blog was always on my to-do-list. I love the idea of someone sharing tips, lifestyle, fashion and differenttopics that they are passionate about. The fact that you can express beliefs with the world to relate to is amazing.  

I finally decided to make my dream come true and make a blog. When I was in the process my thoughts were very clear “this is going to be a piece of cake”. I obviously did not realize all the work I had to put in. For the past couple weeks I have not been on top of my game and every time I would try to write a new post, something would come up. (That changes today) I want my blog to be the best it can be and I am determined to keep it fresh and updated. As for the following weeks I will discuss my skin care routine, every day life, my style, fashion, my goals, what motivates me and etc. With the topics I will share I hope I can connect with viewers and hopefully achieve my greatest goal which is to make my blog well known and looked up to.