Sometimes an half is better than a whole…

It’s hard to believe the year of 2016 is almost over. In September I will register as a senior in high school, I will be applying to colleges and in a blink of an eye I will be “adulting”. 

Life has hit me, almost tried to kill me but, I somehow managed to survive. 

During these last five months I have found myself, lost myself, loved myself and hated the person I was. 

Some moments I will cherish forever. Others however, I would squeeze in a tight box and throw away the keys. 

The month of January; I was optimistic. I didn’t fully understand what I was doing and why my behavior toward situations was changing but I felt free so, I didn’t question it. 

The month of February; I felt confused. Everything that I did felt fake. I wasn’t myself. I forgot how to be myself. I did things out of my character and by the end of February I knew my life was going down hill. I had to think fast, and I did. 

The month of March; I took action. I turned to God, told him my sins and asked for forgiveness. With shame, he gave me a second chance to make my life right. After church I made a deal with my mom and eleven days later I returned to New Jersey. 

The era of sin; I returned to New Jersey and I had the world in the palm of my hands. I became wild, friends everywhere, parties.. Wild parties and most of all I lost myself control. The last three months has been nothing but dangerous fun. Life wasn’t life. There wasn’t a consequence that put fear into my heart. In conclusion, there wasn’t consequences. From March to June I felt as my life was a dream, I felt as if I was on a roller coaster… But in a good way. 

Summer sixteen has finally arrived & like drake said “revenge all summer 16′”. 

Singing the song waiting for the summer to come, I would have never thought that I would be the one that is getting revenge on.

There’s an old saying; ” Whatever you do in the dark, will come to light”.

The month of June, unfortunately my sins has come to light. 

I am human. I will continue to make mistakes as life goes on, what makes me different is I will use my mistakes as lessons and become a better person. I’ve learned the hard way but, at least I’ve learned and will continue to grow. 


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