Three outfits in one day? 

Although it may feel as though everyday is my birthday on December 12th, seventeen years ago I was born. Unlike my previous birthday’s, this year I decided to experience a “go with the flow” day. Each activity I took part in, I changed my outfit to set the tone. Below are pictures and details if you’re interested in purchasing the following 🙂

 Dress: Rachel Roy sold at Macy’s (comfortable and very affordable)

Shoes: favorite gladiator sandals from or according to my uncle “Moses slippers”.

  Later in the day I went on a boat trip around the Indian river located in Portsmouth Dominica. Of course I had to change my outfit…

Top: I’m wearing a lace tee and I also purchased the shirt from Macy’s. 

Bottoms: I saw this beauty from a far and I knew I needed it in my life. The fabric is suede and with fringe details on both sides. You can either dress it up or dress it down. You can purchase this item at

  I ended my night in all white because I was feeling godly. This outfit was a gift but I am sure you can find a look alike. 


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