The lie behind the truth.. 

As a child we are taught to ‘treat others the way we would’ve wanted to be treated’. As the years pass by and egotism sinks into our brains we begin to struggle to remember our early teachings about treating others fairly. 

Instead, we do as we please even if we are hurting someone else in the process. To release the regret our conscious makes us feels; we make excuses for our bad behavior. This is an example of rationalisation. 

What happens if we treat others the way we would’ve wanted to be treated, and we still get treated poorly? 

Do we continue to do the right thing and treat them with respect? 

Do we end the cycle and treat them as poorly as they treat us?

Now, we are faced with two paths and have to pick one. The people that choose to continue to treat others with respect often gets taken advantage of, the people that choose to treat others as poorly as others treat them now fall under the category of rationalisation.

I choose to treat others fairly but not get taken advantage of by standing up for myself when I need to. Often people take kindness for weakness, but the real weakness is being cruel and evil to those who deserve nothing but love. 

Unfortunately we live in a cruel world. Some people will pretend to be something they aren’t just to get what they want out of you ( use you) and leave you for dead. Others are the real deal and genuine from the beginning but since they are afraid to get hurt again often they question loyalty towards one another and after a while they will leave too. 

The lie behind the truth. There is no such thing as only good and evil, but there is good in evil and bad in good. A balance called Yin, Yang. 

The ball is in your court to make the right decisions… 



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