Weekly Obsessions 

Eight things I been obsessed with this week🎉


  1. Water and fruit snacks: A month ago I made a commitment to drink water only. At first this was very hard for me because I never would drink water but since I’m trying to live a healthy life, soda and juice are out of the picture I think it’s okay to munch on welchs fruit snacks every now and than. 
  2. My eyebrows: for years I been trying to perfect my eyebrows. When I was six years old I shaved my eyebrows off (lol I don’t know what I was thinking) luckily they grew back. After that, I haven’t done anything to them until I looked closely in the mirror and I realized they looked horrible. I watch at least 20 youtube tutorials on how to trim/ fill in eyebrows and I am happy with the result I made.
  3. #OOTD: Every now and than I like to switch up my style and I really like how this outfit looks simple yet very stylish. Comfort is key.
  4. Tumblr: Tumblr is a place I go to get inspiration or if I’m upset or bored, it’s a great way to get things out of my mind.
  5. Sound cloud: I love sound cloud, it’s a great way to listen to new music and remixes that you wouldn’t normally hear on the radio. 
  6. Book: ‘The essence of Buddhism’ this a short book that is about the Buddhism lifestyle and outlook on life and is just a positive book overall. You can find this book on iBooks for free and it’s only a couple pages but it’s a really good book. 
  7. Horoscope: I think  horoscope is just a good way of indicating you to your future and guiding you to go down the right path and I love that. 
  8. Quote of the week: “doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” Life is too short to be miserable, I think that everyone should find what they love doing! who cares what people say as long as it makes you happy you should do it. 

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