Better Late Than Never: A few things about myself 

Hello my name is Stevie Stedman and I am 16 years old. I’m obsessed with clothes and small but statement jewelry. I think one of the reasons I love clothes so much is that, it is a way of expressing yourself, and how you feel on that certain day. I also think it’s a way of showing people a small part of your identity. For example; those who make a huge effort and make sure every detail ties in with their outfit and then there are some people who just throw on basic tee’s, Basic jeans and add one statement jacket and everything looks effortless but perfect. For me, I love mixing and matching unique but different clothing pieces with every day basic jeans, shorts and T-shirts. My motto in life is just to have fun with the people that means a lot to me, take a lot of pictures because every day is a blessing & a memory is made (why not capture it on camera?) and lastly, always speak your mind. If you’re not comfortable in a situation, if your  feelings are hurt by someone you love… LET THEM KNOW. The worst thing to do is wishing you said something. Speak up and don’t be afraid, you are in control and you have every right to speak your mind. Overall I am just a teenage girl that is very opinionated, loves to go on new adventures like: traveling, exploring, long car rides, trying new things and love fashion. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or if you just need someone to listen/understand you I’m willing to listen and help you get though your rough time  


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