Lazy day’s 

One of the best feelings in the world is laying in bed without any responsibilities and just letting the time go by. You pick up your phone that was laying on the bed beside you, check you’re social media accounts, respond to text messages and just stretch and smile because you are at peace and you realize today is you’re “lazy day”. It becomes a problem when you’re “lazy day” is you’re “every day” routine.

 School is sadly about to start and you’re everyday summer routine has to come to an end. With everyday that goes by I noticed I’m becoming lazier than ever! Since my summer tutor classes are over and recently I quit dance I have a lot of time on my hands. With the extra time I decided I will catch up on my sleep and favorite television shows. This morning on the other hand, my grandma asked me if I wanted to go on a small journey with her and I said yes. We didn’t do much but just drive around town and on the highway. Here’s some pictures 🙂

Although the journey was small, my grandma and I had a chance to bond and make memories. When you spend you’re day’s in bed and alone you’re missing out of life and new opportunities and bonding time with family. My day wasn’t extravagant and over the top but it’s the small things in life like just driving around with your love ones that counts.❤️


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