Better Late Than Never: A few things about myself 

Hello my name is Stevie Stedman and I am 16 years old. I’m obsessed with clothes and small but statement jewelry. I think one of the reasons I love clothes so much is that, it is a way of expressing yourself, and how you feel on that certain day. I also think it’s a way of showing people a small part of your identity. For example; those who make a huge effort and make sure every detail ties in with their outfit and then there are some people who just throw on basic tee’s, Basic jeans and add one statement jacket and everything looks effortless but perfect. For me, I love mixing and matching unique but different clothing pieces with every day basic jeans, shorts and T-shirts. My motto in life is just to have fun with the people that means a lot to me, take a lot of pictures because every day is a blessing & a memory is made (why not capture it on camera?) and lastly, always speak your mind. If you’re not comfortable in a situation, if your  feelings are hurt by someone you love… LET THEM KNOW. The worst thing to do is wishing you said something. Speak up and don’t be afraid, you are in control and you have every right to speak your mind. Overall I am just a teenage girl that is very opinionated, loves to go on new adventures like: traveling, exploring, long car rides, trying new things and love fashion. If you have any questions feel free to email me at or if you just need someone to listen/understand you I’m willing to listen and help you get though your rough time  

Weekly Obsessions 

Eight things I been obsessed with this week🎉


  1. Water and fruit snacks: A month ago I made a commitment to drink water only. At first this was very hard for me because I never would drink water but since I’m trying to live a healthy life, soda and juice are out of the picture I think it’s okay to munch on welchs fruit snacks every now and than. 
  2. My eyebrows: for years I been trying to perfect my eyebrows. When I was six years old I shaved my eyebrows off (lol I don’t know what I was thinking) luckily they grew back. After that, I haven’t done anything to them until I looked closely in the mirror and I realized they looked horrible. I watch at least 20 youtube tutorials on how to trim/ fill in eyebrows and I am happy with the result I made.
  3. #OOTD: Every now and than I like to switch up my style and I really like how this outfit looks simple yet very stylish. Comfort is key.
  4. Tumblr: Tumblr is a place I go to get inspiration or if I’m upset or bored, it’s a great way to get things out of my mind.
  5. Sound cloud: I love sound cloud, it’s a great way to listen to new music and remixes that you wouldn’t normally hear on the radio. 
  6. Book: ‘The essence of Buddhism’ this a short book that is about the Buddhism lifestyle and outlook on life and is just a positive book overall. You can find this book on iBooks for free and it’s only a couple pages but it’s a really good book. 
  7. Horoscope: I think  horoscope is just a good way of indicating you to your future and guiding you to go down the right path and I love that. 
  8. Quote of the week: “doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness” Life is too short to be miserable, I think that everyone should find what they love doing! who cares what people say as long as it makes you happy you should do it. 

Sit Back And Relax 

After a stressful day the best thing to do is just unwind, take a hot relaxing bath. I added sea salt, lavender body wash and a little coconut oil. When the tub was full I hopped right in, turned on the jets installed in the tub, listened to soft music and just relax.


Skin Care Routine 

I’ll be the first to admit, in the past I didn’t take care of my skin. I would put on lotion but only when it was absolutely necessary. Now that I moved to Dominica I noticed that my skin is getting worse for many reasons; extreme sun exposure, bite marks from mosquitoes and tanning. To bring my skin back looking healthy I tried many products, some failed and some actually worked. Down below I’ll list the following products I use in my everyday routine and how I apply it step-by-step.


  1. As I prepare for my night to end and go to bed I will hop in the shower so I can go to bed feeling fresh and clean. The soap I normally use is “African black soap” African black soap is made in west Africa from Palm oil, palm kernel, oil and water. It says on the label “The aroma and deep rich color result from the centuries old extraction process that blends the two ingredients together resulting in the finest skin cleanser available”. The reason I use this soap so much is because it relieves acne, removes blemishes, prevents rashes, itching, dry, scaly skin from developing, cleans pores & rejuvenates the skin leaving your body fresh and clean. You can get this product online or in some stores it depends where you live. 
  2. After I get out the shower I try to keep it simple and just use one brand product because in the morning I uses lot of products and I try to balance it out as much as I can. I start with Clarins Paris ‘Moisture-Rich Body Lotion with Shea butter’ than I apply Clarins Paris ‘Extra-Firming Body lotion’ and this product lifts, tones, and smoothes skin
  3. Lastly, once a week I apply a lemon or aloe facial mask just to freshen my face and improve skin texture. I think everyone should use facial mask from time to time because is a way of relieving you’re face from wearing makeup all week and all day and it just gives you a glow. 


  1. In the morning I take another shower and reuse my African black soap 
  2. After I get out the shower I dry myself and apply “Organic coconut oil” over the time, coconut oil heals dark marks and smoothes skin. Coconut oil can also be used for hair and whitening teeth. 
  3. After I rub the oil on my skin I apply aveeno moisturizing lotion to make it less oily. I also have dark spot and brighten cream mix with my aveeno lotion.
  4. Since I have dark spot and brightening cream I have to protect my skin by wearing sunblock. I normally use 70° protection. 

Following these steps can sometimes be exhausting or the process can be a little over-the-top but at the end of the day it’s worth it. 

Lazy day’s 

One of the best feelings in the world is laying in bed without any responsibilities and just letting the time go by. You pick up your phone that was laying on the bed beside you, check you’re social media accounts, respond to text messages and just stretch and smile because you are at peace and you realize today is you’re “lazy day”. It becomes a problem when you’re “lazy day” is you’re “every day” routine.

 School is sadly about to start and you’re everyday summer routine has to come to an end. With everyday that goes by I noticed I’m becoming lazier than ever! Since my summer tutor classes are over and recently I quit dance I have a lot of time on my hands. With the extra time I decided I will catch up on my sleep and favorite television shows. This morning on the other hand, my grandma asked me if I wanted to go on a small journey with her and I said yes. We didn’t do much but just drive around town and on the highway. Here’s some pictures 🙂

Although the journey was small, my grandma and I had a chance to bond and make memories. When you spend you’re day’s in bed and alone you’re missing out of life and new opportunities and bonding time with family. My day wasn’t extravagant and over the top but it’s the small things in life like just driving around with your love ones that counts.❤️